Valorant Full Setup Guide

Make sure you have followed our Basic Setup Guide

🌴pageAntivirus & Firewall💸pageDownloading the Loader

Open/Close Menu Key: Insert/Delete Requirements

  • Windows 10 & 11

  • Anti-viruses including Windows Defender fully uninstalled.

Before Opening Loader

  1. Go to the Windows search and type "services."

  2. Search for "VGC" or "VGK," go to properties and set to "Automatically" and not the other one with parentheses "()".

  3. Play 15 rounds or complete one competitive or unrated game. After finishing the match, return to the main menu and initiate the injection process. It's crucial to note that you must repeat this procedure each time you restart the game.

Instructions After Playing 15 Rounds

  1. Open the loader as an administrator.

  2. Choose option 1.

  3. Enter your key.

  4. Use 7-8 FOV for a legit cheat.

  5. If you receive more than 5 reports in one day, you'll be banned tomorrow or the same day because Riot will scan your PC and find strange files.

  6. Make sure you have done the bypass method. (#Before Opening Loader)

Still not working? Click to see what you must do.

  • Secureboot has been disabled.

Please follow these steps carefully to ensure a smooth and secure experience while using our cheats. Happy gaming!

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