How to Get a Free Vouch Key Only if you purchased a product in the last 2 weeks.

Open a ticket in our Discord Server, mention sync that you are doing this, also if you paid through Sellix or Chlorine Cheats forum, make sure to send your Order ID as well. How to find Order ID: Discord Server Link: Channel Link:

Note: This is a R6S Flores / Apex Pepsi Key that lasts a maximum of 3 hours. You can choose which one you want.

Make sure you send a screenshot of proof of each step that you finished in your ticket before going to the next step.

Step 1: Tag Sync in your Discord Ticket and Share Your Chlorine Forums Username (* MOST IMPORTANT)

Once your rank has been updated on the Forum, leave a detailed review at Chlorine Forums Reviews | For inspiration, check other threads, but make sure your review is unique. Include pictures or a video of the product you're vouching for if possible.

How to Vouch on Forum Tutorial:

Step 2: Show Your Support in our Discord Server

Visit the designated Discord channel: πŸ€β”‚reviews Channel Link: Leave a "+rep" comment to express your positive experience.

Step 3: Sellix/ChlorineCheats Mail Feedback Skip this step if you purchased through Tickets/Paypal

If you purchased through Tickets make sure you mention that.

  1. Access the email account used during the purchase process on our website.

  2. Look for an email with the subject line "Completed Order - [Order Name]."

  3. Click on this email to view its contents, then scroll down until you see the "Leave Feedback" option.

  4. Click on it and leave a +rep along with a 5-star rating.

Final Step: Request Your Key

Once you've completed the above steps, tag Sync and request your key. Please be patient, as Sync may be busy at the time of your request.

Writing Information:

Need Help Writing Your Review? If you're unsure of what to write, you can use ChatGPT or Google Bard for suggestions. Remember, while these tools can provide ideas, direct copy & paste or plagiarism is not allowed. If you need additional help, feel free to tag one of our moderators.

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