🔑Getting Your License

Scroll down if you paid through Discord.

I purchased through Sellix / Chlorinecheats Website

  1. Check Your Email: First, open the email account that you used during the purchasing process on our Website.

  2. Look for "Completed Order" Email: Search for an email with the subject line containing "Completed Order - [Order Name]"

  3. Open the Email: Click on the email to open it and view its contents.

  4. Scroll Down: Once you have the email open, scroll down through the email's content until you find the section titled "Product Issued."

  5. Find Your License Key: In the "Product Issued" section, you'll see your license key, you can also look at the image below where the Red Arrow is pointed at.

  6. Copy the License Key: Highlight and copy the license key to your clipboard. You'll need this key to activate your product.

I paid through Chlorine Tickets / Discord

Find & Copy the License Key: Go to your Discord Payment Ticket and Highlight and copy the License Key to your clipboard, look at the Red Arrow below, you'll need this key to activate your product.

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