How to check your Windows Version

By checking your windows versions you can see if you are compatible. Instructions

  1. Open the Windows Search Bar by clicking on the "Start" button or pressing the "Windows" key on your keyboard.

  2. Type "winver" (without quotes) into the search bar and press "Enter" or click on the "winver" application from the search results.

  3. The "About Windows" window will appear, displaying your current Windows version and build number.

  4. Check if Your Windows Version is Supported: Verify if your Windows version is compatible with the software you intend to use. Ensure that it meets the minimum system requirements for the best performance and functionality.

My windows version is "22H2" but it says it only Supports 21H2 or below With both of these solutions you won't lose any data on your disk (games, files, etc)

Solution 1 (fastest)

pageUninstall Updates

Solution 2

pageDowngrade Windows

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