R6S Chlorine Setup Guide

Make sure you have followed our Basic Setup Guide

🌴pageAntivirus & Firewall

Open/Close Menu Keybind: Insert / Delete Requirements

  • Anti-viruses including Windows Defender fully uninstalled

  • Riot Vanguard & FaceIT Removed

How to use the Loader?

  1. Paste the key you received into the loader box.

  2. If you want to spoof, select the "Enable R6S Spoofer"

  3. Click on the "Authenticate" button to proceed.

  4. Once authenticated, click on the "Launch!" button to initiate the download of the loader.

  5. The loader file will appear on your PC after the download is complete.

  6. Open the Loader File and wait for it to load, after that open Rainbow Six Siege.

  7. Open/Close Cheat Menu: Insert

Important Notes

  • After clicking "Launch", you will have three minutes to open the loader on your PC. Failure to do so within this time will display the prompt "Loader Expired, download a new Copy.".

  • Our loader generates temporary loaders for each injection, which means you must use the web loader every time you want to inject our cheats.

  • If your loader expires, do not worry. Simply return to our web loader to obtain a new copy.

  • Never attempt to use the same loader twice for injection; always use a fresh copy.

Error: Vanguard will interface with this product

  • Remove Riot Vanguard & Valorant from your PC, restart your PC and try injecting again.

Error: Faceit will interface with this product

  • Remove Faceit from your PC, restart your PC and try injecting again.

Error: 700 & EXC01

  • It took you too long to inject the cheat, restart your PC and try again.

Still not working? Click to see what you must do

  • Secureboot is disabled in your BIOS

  • There is no Riot Vanguard & Valorant installed

  • No antivirus installed and Windows Defender Disabled

  • You followed our Setup Guide

  • TPM in your BIOS has been disabled

Still didn't work?

pageDowngrade Windows

Please follow these steps carefully to ensure a smooth and secure experience while using our cheats. Happy gaming!

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