XDefiant Chlorine Setup Guide

Make sure you have followed our Basic Setup Guide

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Apex Legends has to be in Borderless Mode!

  • BIOS Configuration: Disable CSM and Trusted Computing (TPM) in your BIOS. Virtualization-based security should also be disabled.

  • Secure Boot: Turn off Secure Boot and Fast Boot in BIOS; ensure BIOS is in UEFI mode.

  • Antivirus: Use Defender Control to turn off all antivirus programs, including Windows Defender.

  • Game Settings: The game should not be in fullscreen mode; use Windowed Fullscreen for optimal performance.

  • Ban Traces: Ensure there are no ban traces by cleaning with our cleaner after a ban.

  • Rivatuner: Ensure Rivatuner is open and running in the background at all times.

Cheat Loader Setup

  1. Download the Cheat Loader:

    • Download the cheat loader and unzip it.

  2. Open Rivatuner:

    • Locate Rivatuner in the loader installation folder and open it.

    • Keep Rivatuner running in the background at all time.

  3. Run Cheat Loader as Admin:

    • Open the cheat loader as an administrator.

    • Insert your key into the loader.

    • Press "Inject," ensuring the spoofer option is activated.

    • Wait for the successfully injected message.

  4. Launch Game:

    • Make sure XDefiant is in Borderless Mode

    • The cheat will auto-inject during the game loading process.

  5. Access Menu:

    • The menu key is the Insert/Ins keyboard button.

Stream Proof Feature Removal:

  • To remove stream proof feature, add the provided file to the { C:/CFG/ } folder before injecting.

How to Spoof and Inject Video:


  • Rivatuner: Ensure Rivatuner is open and running in the background at all times.

  • Error Messages: Follow specific instructions for error messages, such as Vanguard or FaceIT interference.

  • BIOS Configuration: Ensure CSM, TPM, and virtualization-based security are disabled.

  • Antivirus and Defender: Turn off all antivirus programs and disable Windows Defender.

  • Game Settings: Use Windowed Fullscreen mode, not fullscreen.

  • Ban Traces: Clean with the provided cleaner after a ban.

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  • Secureboot is disabled in your BIOS

  • There is no Riot Vanguard & Valorant installed

  • No antivirus installed and Windows Defender Disabled

  • You followed our Setup Guide

Still didn't work?

pageDowngrade Windows

Please follow these steps carefully to ensure a smooth and secure experience while using our cheats. Happy gaming!

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